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Sprinkle Kindness

Did you find a free token in your order? Are you wondering what these are for?

The idea behind these is "Kindness is free. Sprinkle it everywhere!". So we made these little kindness tokens! There is a cute picture on one side and a thoughtful or funny saying on the other side. 

You can keep it for yourself (maybe use it as a talisman), or put it in your kids lunch box to make them smile! Or, give it to a stranger, put it in a tip jar at your favorite coffee shop! The possibilities are endless!

The idea is to have something physical to get us in the habit of being kind, even if it's just to make someone smile! You never know what people are going through and even your kind gesture could make their day!

What is something kind you can do for someone else today?


These kindness tokens are not for sale. They are a free gift we put in our orders. 

There are 5 different ones in series 1. Collect them all! And give away your duplicates!