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Extra Accessories for Gnome Sign
Extra Accessories for Gnome Sign

Extra Accessories for Gnome Sign

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These are extra accessories for the Gnome Sweet Gnome sign (sold separately).

You can choose 100% done for you - and I will paint them. or 100% DIY and you can paint them!

Please also answer the question: Do you eat tacos with or without sour cream?

This set comes with 12 accessories either painted or unpainted:

- Football
- Baseball
- Hockey Puck
- Watermelon Slice
- Pineapple
- Beach Ball
- Flip Flops
- Birthday Cake
- Paw Print
- Cross
- Dinosaur
- Jack-o-lantern

100% Done for you:
Each piece is hand-painted. Due to this, the pieces will vary slightly.

100% DIY:
They come with masking tape still on, which can help you to get cleaner lines if you peel one section at a time as you paint. **Paint is not included** You can use acrylic paint, paint markers, even sharpies! (Although I'd test sharpies on the back of a piece first. Sometimes they come out darker than preferred.)
And then to finish, I clear coat mine to help them withstand weather conditions.